Islands of Catan

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Islands of Catan

Postby geirbear » Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:07 pm

This is a variant my friends and I have been playing for years. Instead of the standard single island set up we mix ocean, port and land tiles together and upside down. Starting with the center tile we flip tiles one by one and add tiles in a clockwise pattern until all tiles have been placed. What you get is an entirely random set of small island chains. If per chance a port tile lands in a "lake", ocean tiles completely surrounded by land tile, that port is relocated to an "ocean front" postion.

So now for the first major question. How do you connect island chains with a road. Well we solved that by a House Rule simply called "Bridges"! In order to build a road accross any waterway, still along tile seams, you add an Ore. This is to build the bridge abutment (support). So a road over water is now 1 Brick, 1 Wood and 1 Ore, or a "Bridge".

Second isuue is that due to randomness of this layout you may have a dual port location. How to handle this one. There are two ways that I suggest, easiest is to relocate one of the port tiles. However I like another solution. If a village is placed at this location choose one of the ports to activate, once the village is upgraded to a city then both ports are active.

This alternative extends the game because there are rarely postions that have three resources together, however try it and I think that you, along with all my friends will love the extra challanges. I do recommend that you are VERY familiar with the regular game and stratagies before trying "Islands" it can be frustrating. But if you are in for an evening long game with some cool twists ... ENJOY!!!
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Re: Islands of Catan

Postby steve » Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:46 pm

that does sound pretty cool for a long game with experienced players. Thanks for sharing!
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