New exciting rule

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New exciting rule

Postby helenbrotherton » Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:36 pm

This variant rule always spices up a game and can change the fortune and game strategy of all players. If a number is thrown three times consequetively all Number tokens are taken up form the board, shuffled and placed randomly back on the board. This includes if a 7 is thrown three times on the row. Try it and see how frustrating it is when all of your great numbers are switched to low probability ones !
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Re: New exciting rule

Postby steve » Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:05 pm

haha oh man, that sounds like it would really mix things up. Do you still have the tiles follow the pattern described by the rulebook when laying them out (in alphabetical order) so that 6's and 8's don't end up being next to each other? If not, I highly recommend doing that.
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Re: New exciting rule

Postby Sheepherder » Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:44 pm

Maybe you could figure out different special things to do for two in a row, three in a row, four in a row, etc...
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Re: New exciting rule

Postby wileyness » Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:38 pm

This variant adds way too luck/randomness into the game and nullifies all of the strategy of placement and expansion. I give this variant a thumbs down.
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