Settlers of Catan: Empires

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Settlers of Catan: Empires

Postby wheatless12 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:06 pm

This ones gets extremely complicated. Think of what happens if Settlers, the Civilization games series, and Risk all had a baby together. That's what this game is. :D The biggest problem you will have is pieces. We will be making are own customized ones by cutting wood. An alternative, but nowhere near as fun, is to write things down as you build them. Let me know if you need a clarification. The directions get confusing towards the soldier part.

Also, we haven't decided how to win yet. Victory points might work, if you make it higher. Total destruction would take way too long. PLEASE let me know if you have an idea!!
Building Upgrades
Resource Upgrades (Place on a resource tile. +1 every time that # is rolled. Allows owner to store 2 of corresponding resource which are safe from robber rolls)
Granary (grain): 2 wood, 3 clay
Pasture (sheep): 3 wood, 2 grain
Mine (ore): 3 wood, 1 ore, 1 clay
Quarry (clay) 2 wood, 1 sheep, 1 ore, 1 clay
Lumber Mill (wood): 1 wood, 1 clay, 3 ore
Settlement Upgrades
Wall (+1 to defensive roll): 5 ore
Marketplace (Player is allowed to do a 3 to 1 trade with the bank): 1 ore, 1 sheep, 1 grain, 1 sheep, 1 clay
City Upgrades:
Palace (Makes city the capital. +1 to defense roll): 3 ore, 3 clay, 3 wood, 3 sheep
Barracks (Allows building of soldiers): 4 ore, 4 wood
soldiers: 2 ore, 1 sheep, 1 grain
Port Upgrades:
Warship (Can carry 1 soldier, not counting the first one, which can never leave. Can attack other ships. Treat like a soldier): 2 wood, 1 sheep, 1 soldier
Fishing Vessel (Maximum of 1 per tile. Must be adjoining a settlement. Once built, place a random token and treat as a resource tile. Receive either sheep or grain when rolled): 3 wood, 2 sheep.
Soldier movement and attack
Soldiers can only be built in the city with barracks. Troops move along the lines, not points. They can move 2 spaces on roads, 1 on non developed ones. (If half and half, you can only move 1). To Soldiers can travel on enemy roads.

In dice rolls, attacker gets a max of 3, defender a max of 2. Highest dice are paired together. (exactly like Risk) Higher number wins, Defender wins tie. Repeat rolls as long as attacker wants.

Attacker rolls the same number of dice as there are soldiers. Attackers do not need to roll to destroy roads, but must wait one round before it happens. If soldiers attacking the road are attacked, and survive, the road is safe for that round.

Soldiers can be stationed in a settlement or city. When attacked, defender gets +1 roll for each soldier, +1 for wall, +1 for palace. Soldiers go first, walls next, settlement last. Settlement is destroyed if attacker wins.
Soldiers can be disbanded at barracks.
Treat warship just like soldiers in water. They can attack port cities and water routes.

-Players can only trade when routes exist. Before routes are built though, players may build traders. Traders cost 2 things of 2 different resources (4 total). They can travel 5 lines per round (3 over water). Can carry 4 resources total. Cannot defend against soldiers.

-Play the explorer version as well, where unsettled tiles are invisible. Have them flipped over, so traders can travel along lines.

-Don’t use development cards.
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Re: Settlers of Catan: Empires

Postby steve » Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:23 pm

Wow, that's quite an extensive modification to the game, definitely adds a more competitive spin. Have you managed to play any full games of it? I think keeping the normal 10 VP to win is probably a good idea (maybe even add some way to get VP from combat such as gaining a VP for every settlement destroyed), with an optional alternative victory if wipe out everyone else (which would indeed take a long time, as you pointed out). Thanks for sharing, would enjoy seeing a summary of how a full game of this played out.
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Re: Settlers of Catan: Empires

Postby wheatless12 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:02 pm

Well we sort of played a version of it. It wasn't as intense as these rules, which I just drew up after playing it. (we're actually going to make pieces for this, because it will be awesome)

So what we did was had an option to put a granary place on either wheat or sheep. And then you could put a piece on either wood, ore, or clay. So in all there were only 2 resource buildings.

We also had the barracks and soldiers. Except we had played where you had to feed them each turn with either sheep, or grain. It turned out to be impossible to have more than 2 this way, so that was something we thought should be different (you keep soldiers you buy until they die. They are just more expensive).

The cool thing with the soldiers was that when I had a really lucky round and was able to build out really far and screw him over by building a settlement, I was pressured to keep it, and eventually lost it. Basically, it puts a lot more pressure on for the person monopolizing certain resources. They can't just keep expanding because they have to defend.

The biggest problem was that we sort of just played...With no real end in sight. Just until we were bored really.

I'm thinking it should be maybe 13 points. New buildings like the palace can add points...And when someone destroys a settlement that person would just drop down one.

Once we play it, I might modify the rules, but I think it will work pretty well. Most of the kinks were worked out the first time.
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Re: Settlers of Catan: Empires

Postby TonyInHarrisburg » Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:37 pm

I love the concept. I created a "combat" version -- not nearly this interesting -- for an online forum version but it never got off the ground. I am going to come back and read your initial post through thoroughly later when I have more time, but I just wanted to say for now that I love the concept.

Did you consider playing it in an online, forum type setting? If so, we should combine some of our thoughts. (The formatting of my forum version was very basic -- I'm not a techie -- and rather time consuming to update, but I would love to find a way to see a way to play Empires (or another Catan-based game) in a forum setting.

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