Pillagers of Catan

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Pillagers of Catan

Postby progulus » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:19 am

Here's a simple rule variant to the regular Settlers of Catan game when playing the Knight card.

When a Knight card is played, the player sends out an army to raid and pillage an opponant's neighboring settlement or city. The settlement being pillaged must be within 3 hex edges away from a settlement or city of the person who is playing the card. The player who is being pillaged can fend off the attack by immediately playing a Knight card of his own.

As usual when playing a Knight card the robber is moved to a hex that the settlement or city is on and the player of the Knight gets to draw a card from the opponant. Additionally the settlement or city is marked as "pillaged" by placing the wooden game piece on its side. If the player who was attacked countered with his own Knight card, then the settlement or city is not marked as pillaged and the robber gets placed on the desert hex and the player who started the attack does not get to draw a resource card from the opponants hand.

Once a settlement or city has been pillaged it no longer counts towards that player's victory points and it will no longer produce resources until it has been rebuilt, even after the robber piece has moved to another hex. The cost of rebuilding a settlement is the same as a road... one log and one brick card. The cost of rebuilding a city is a road and a sheep (one log, one brick, and one sheep card). Alternately you can make the cost of rebuilding equal to two or three of the resources of the hex squares the city is on. For instance if a settlement is sitting on brick/sheep/ore than he must play any two of those cards to rebuild it, or any three if it's a city.

After the settlement or city has been rebuilt the game piece is returned to it's normal position and resumes producing resources and counting towards the victory points.

This offers a new strategy and dynamic to the game. The development cards become a much more important tool. You can effectively prevent another player from winning the game by striking with your Knights. Also if you plan your attacks carefully you can also block an opponant's ability to gather a resource that they need to rebuild the city.
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Re: Pillagers of Catan

Postby steve » Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:41 am

really neat variant, especially for those of us who are more competitive. I have one question, though. If I play a knight card to protect my settlement, does it go on the table and count towards largest army, or do I need to discard it? Also, it seems the price for repairing a city is pretty steep - you could almost build another settlement for a wood, brick, and sheep - and brick is already the most valuable resource. Also, with it just as easy and so much more damaging to your opponent to pillage a city, I think that by mid-game only cities would be pillages, severley limiting the intake of resources for everyone. Here are a couple of thoughts I had about alternate rules to this alternate rule:

Instead of wood, brick, and sheep, it cost a wheat and an ore to repair a city.
If you attempt to pillage a city you need to roll a die and get a 4+ in order for the pillage to be successful (considering cities probably have better defenses than settlements).

What do you think about those?
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