Experience using new rules.

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Experience using new rules.

Postby BobMem » Mon May 10, 2010 7:21 am

We played 2, 5-player games of Settlers and used the following 2 special rules:

2s or 12s rolled count as 2s AND 12s:
This makes it a little less harsh on players placing their settlements last at the start, and increases the number of decent expansion areas. I thnk this is useful as it reduces the possibility of a player getting blocked in and having a very boring game.

When rolling a 7 (or playing a Knight card) players can choose to place the robber on a hex with no settlements on the border, and claim a resource card of that type:
This is an excellent rule. It helps prevent players getting overly hampered by the robber in the early game, as players are much more likely to move the robber to a hex which gives them a resource which helps them. You can also use the robber tactically to 'block' a hex which you expect other players to try to expand to.

In both cases these rules seemed well received and I think helped improve the game slightly. It did mean you had to remember to add one when counting spots on 2 and 12 resources!
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Re: Experience using new rules.

Postby steve » Mon May 10, 2010 12:28 pm

Yah, I really like those two rules as well.
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